Thursday, February 17, 2011

Petunias new digs

I took Petunia to the vet yesterday and he told me that, yes part of her being off her feed was that she is shedding, BUT the big reason is that she's egging. Her belly is full of eggs and changes are in order.

First of all, she's got into the habit of taking the express rout to the floor instead of using the down ramps.

So everything got lowered, and hopefully now she won't hit hard enough to break anything.

Then I put two drawers together for a dirt box- which she did not appreciate.
Petunia does NOT like change.

Lastly via suggestion from the Melissa Kaplan pages, we have cranberry water.
It might train her to drink more, which is a good thing for iguanas because we are always worried about dehydration- since they come from rain forests.

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